FoEC planting activity this Sunday 24th September

1-3pm all welcome

The usual drill, officially we go from 1-3PM though are always on-site a bit earlier to get set up. Please let us know if earlier is better for you and we can be in contact to let you know when we get on site.

The site is on the west bank near the new footbridge from Ronald Street.

Predominantly we will be planting grasses, though a few shrubs and trees are also in the mix.
We have all the tools you’ll need though if you have something in the tool realm you want to bring, go for it.

It is forecast to be a warm day – 25 degrees; so we’ll all appreciate the shade coming from the Manna gums at this site!

Hat, sunscreen and lots of water are a must; lots of water please. You’ll also need to supply your own food needs.

See you on the creek!

David – President